The Worm Burner Pro Shop

Come Hang Out with Us

The Worm Burner pro shop is a relaxing environment to grab some food or a drink before or after a round of golf. With a casual but tasty menu and a well-stocked bar, it's a great place to hang out and enjoy the off-course side of golf.

The Worm Burner Menu

Badlands Croissantwiches
All classic croissantwiches are served in a basket with chips and dill pickle spear. Choose from:
Spicy Italian Trio
Turkey Bacon Ranch
Ham & Cheddar
Chicken Salad Sammy
The Famous Worm Burner Hotdog
Nathan's Famous Ballpark 100% beef hotdog. All hotdogs are served in a basket with chips and come with a selection of gourmet and traditional toppings.
Get 2 Famous Hotdogs for $14.95
Badlands Pizza
Enjoy one of our locally crafted 12-inch pizzas with four great toppings options to choose from:
Fairway Classic Cheese
Hole-in-One Pepperoni
The Clubhouse Carnivore
Tropical Tee Time Hawaiian
Snacks & Beverages
Chocolate Bars
Cliff Bars
Pepperoni Sticks
Bottle Pop
Smart Water
Red Bull
Seating at the Worm Burner pro shop at The Badlands.
A croissant sandwich served at The Badlands.
Pork ribs served on a buffet table at an event at The Badlands.